Mar. 25th, 2007

eniarelocin: (11w3days)
Yoga is good.

However, yoga in a space without enough room for me to full extend anything is bad, and life will be much improved when my black, birthday yoga mats finally get here. Also, note to self: hoover area before sticking your face in the carpet whilst doing child's pose and meditation.

But on the whole: Yoga is very very good. It also helps me appreciate the fact that I am still capable of bending in most ways and touching my toes... and all that good stuff. Biggest obstacle to date is my gigantic chestular area. I feel like a ... well... I'm definitely in preparation for being a feed bag.

I had ordered Prenatal Yoga along with Pilates During Pregnancy, a couple of books and two yoga mats (I have long legs) from Amazon. I think I should be able to find time to one of these a day. And I know I'll feel better. I'm trying to get [ profile] squidgyfishlove to do it with me, or any kind of exercise. Fortunately, [ profile] mansonitebat and B volunteered without any prompting to join me and shove pillows under their shirts so I don't feel so alone in my giganticness.

Hurray! Accomplishment. Now if I could only magically make the laundry disappear. *le sigh* I'll get there in the end, eh?

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