Mar. 29th, 2008

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Ewan is nearing 6 months old, and my Lansinoh emails are a couple weeks ahead of the game. However... the next one says:
Dear Raine,
You have just joined the elite group of 36% of mothers who are still breastfeeding at six months. And although you should be given a special award for the tremendous effort that is required to reach this milestone, you are more likely to hear comments such as “Are you still breastfeeding?”. For people who aren’t aware of the tremendous benefits of extended breastfeeding, the thought of nursing a baby beyond 6 months is mind-boggling. In fact, the thought of breastfeeding at all still shocks and amazes some people. And some may question its value after 6 months. Rest assured-- breastmilk does not stop being nutritionally beneficial. It still contains vitamins, protein and fats that growing babies need and it actually adapts to the needs of your child at their age. Your milk contains special growth components that help the immune system to mature which helps the brain, gut and other organs to develop. The psychological benefits of breastfeeding are incalculable. You have made it through six months that were probably the most difficult and rewarding time of your life. You are to be commended for your commitment to breastfeeding your precious baby. You are probably a real breastfeeding supporter now and able to give lots of encouragement to other moms with new nurslings. Because your baby had nothing but your own milk until very recently, the exciting time has come to begin introducing other foods. Take it slow and easy, trying a tiny bit of each new food at a time. Your milk is still the most important part of baby’s diet
Researchers have found that women who breastfeed for a continuous six month period or more are less likely to develop diabetes than women who don’t breastfeed. The longer a woman breastfeeds, the stronger the protection. Breastfeeding makes the body’s metabolism more sensitive to insulin, and tends to stabilize glucose levels.
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Ewan has his first sick. He has a cold. He has boogers... and continually wipes them all over his face. I had to retrieve a really big one from his eyebrow not long ago.

He's been a little trooper this weekend. He went over the mountains for the first time and experienced the popping of the ears (which he didn't like). He hung out with Grammy while I shot a wedding and got to watch snow mobiles go by, which he apparently liked. However, I heard he screamed the rest of the time. The poor little dude hasn't gotten enough Mom time this weekend, but I'll have to talk about that another time.

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