Jun. 3rd, 2008

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I haven't written about Ewan in months. Even though I've started updates in my head I've been bad and not actually posted anything... at all. I'm even behind on my picture posting. Bad Mama.

Ewan is pushing 8 months old... 8! He's been sitting up since he was 6 months old. He somewhat magically went from kind of sitting up to a pro up-sittinger. This image was taken just about that time.

He got his first tooth on a Thursday- the 17th of April, I think, and then got another one right next to it the following Thursday! And we haven't seen anymore since. However, those two little teeth are sharp enough to make up for only being two of them. Ewan... well, Ewan likes to bite things. He makes me yelp with pain. Little bugger.

He has grown so much. He was 16.5lbs at his 6 month doctor visit. I haven't weighed him since, but he's definitely grown. I would be surprised if he's pushing 19lbs. He's getting harder to carry around iin some ways. He's wearing everything from 6-9month clothes to 9-12 month clothes.

Ewan is getting really close to crawling. He's rolling all over the place and pushing up really well. He does the scoot thing and rocks back and forth on his hands and knees. I think he's also getting some of the walking concept. He loves to stand and be pulled up onto his feet. We seriously need to get on the child proofing thing. He already grabs everything and does the turn it over and over to look at it thing. His dexterity has really increased. He hasn't really gotten the hang of feeding himself with a spoon, but he's all over the bottle.

He's had more of the bottle than I'd really like. I haven't been taking very good care of myself and am having a really hard time keeping up with him. I basically can't at this point in time. So, he gets some of me, then some solids, and/or gets supplemented with a bottle. I think he may eat too much sometimes. This isn't really going as I had hoped.

Ewan is such a joy. He's hilarious. He does all sorts of funny things and I love his laugh. Dad has the market cornered on that one. He and Dad get along pretty well these days (when they're having fun). He says mama and dada sounds. He talks to the cats (which still scares them). He definitely remembers people. He's just one cool little dude and I love watching people light up when they meet him. And of course I love watching him light up when he sees me. I just wish I had things worked out a little better so that I could spend more time with that- but I think things are about to change pretty soon here. I always feel guilty when I'm away from him.

I will have to post some pictures soon... actual recent ones... with him covered in carrots.

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