Sep. 6th, 2008

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Ewan is 10 1/2 months old... rapidly approaching 11 months, actually. How on earth did that happen?

Little Man is practically running everywhere. Yeah, you heard me. Running. He loves to run around things to play hide and seek. He likes to chase and find me. I say "come on Ewan!" or "come on little duckling!" and he does! It's so weird. He's constantly clinging to my leg, often putting both of us in danger of tripping. It's kinda crazy, but pretty cool that he just follows me all over the house while I'm carrying things to the kitchen, doing laundry, or whatever else.

He LOVES to run around outside in the grass. Grumpa got a little push-mower for him which he seems to enjoy for short periods of time. One of his favorite out door activities is going on tractor rides with Grumpa. [This really did mean tractors when I was a kid, but now it's just riding lawn mowers.] When you sit him on the seat alone (mower is parked and off) he will bounce on the seat like it's moving and try to use the steering wheel. He loves to try and drive things - just like Mama.

He knows where to find birds and airplanes. You guessed it! Up! He points with his whole hand, but he'll show you where they are!

I'm really excited about all of these things. I know I say he's changed so much all of the time, but he really does change so much and constantly. He looks like a little boy. He plays much more like a little boy. He know where to find people and where they usually should be.

He says his own versions of "gramma" now and "grumpa." He says "where" and "cat" (which is more like DAT DAT). He is mimicking sounds like "quack" and many other things. I think he says something for bottle but it's a little inconsistent at this point.

He still loves ceiling fans and really loves keys.

He is currently experiencing his first, nasty, diaper rash. Poor baby - it looks painful.

He's also a diaper Houdini. He was running around the other day and his diaper fell off and out his little, baby trousers. The trousers remained intact. Ewan was confused... as were we all. He managed to pee on the floor while fully diapered today. He repeatedly did the splits slipping around in it.

He still loves music, strumming whatever looks like strings to him (rubber bands are great for this), banging pots and pans together, jingling keys, and singing along with whomever will sing with him, and with the radio. I'm pretty sure he's going to be a rock star. He's all over it.

Great Gramma Violet broke her wrist a couple of weeks ago and so I've been spending even more time with him lately, which has been a lot of fun, but also tiring. He really wears me out! We're buddies, he and I.

I think I enjoy him more everyday, and I'm pretty sure he likes me, too. :)

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