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We saw Henry Rollins again last night. It was pretty fab. Unfortunately I don't have time for a good and proper right up.

However, I would just like to say that there was nothing between us and the stage. We were not center, which is probably fortunate as it saved us from being spat upon during Henry's shouting. The only real downside was that the chairs were terribly uncomfortable and seriously aggravated my back for the entire three and half hours (well probably more like 3 and a quarter hours) of show.

The good news is that after a Pitocin labor sans any pain medication, I'm pretty sure I can handle any amount of pain.

Yay for Rollins.
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So, it's been almost three weeks since Ewan's birthday.

Yesterday he saw Dr. Mark again for his belated 2-week check up. Ewan is in good health. His naked weight was 7lbs 2oz - the same that Darlene gave to us last week, but she didn't do a naked weight so I'm inclined to think her weight was not accurate as he certainly seems heavier and bigger. His height is 20in., which is .5in longer than his birth measurement. His head measured 14in. in circumference, .5in bigger than his birth measurement. Everything else looked good as well. The poor little guy does have some baby acne coming and going, but that's only expect to last a few more weeks. He has a couple of bumps behind his left ear. Dr Mark suspects they may be lymph node related or possibly cysts, but time will tell. Anything else? He was pretty fussy for Dr Mark yesterday, but we blame hunger for that. So he got to eat before going back into the car.

Following that appointment he went to WISPC/NWRDC so that Grandma (my mom) could show him off to her co-workers who have been anxiously waiting to see him. This included an added bonus of Indian lunch from Taj which was tre yum. He got fussy there as well, so he ate again. He received a great many compliments and was well received.

We then went to the college to show him off to my coworkers for the first time. He slept silently for meeting the bookstore guy (I should really know his name by now, but I don't). I rolled him over to Fred hoping he'd be a charmer, but alas, then the screaming ensued. He screamed through a diaper change in the workroom, and partially through meeting Melissa. He quieted down a little more for chatting to Scot and Fred about my coming back to work. (I'm going back this coming Tuesday for anyone who cares.) But that didn't last long and the screaming continued through the first available tight corner on our way home. That put him out again.

He's eating like a trooper but pretty fussy when he's not. Fortunately it sounds like he was pretty good for Mom last night while we were out. He's sleeping soundly at the moment- hence the post. Little does he know he's about to be awakened again for feeding. Somehow I don't think he'll be too put out.
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Ok, so I may have just purchased tickets to go and see the Cure... ok so I did.

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Oh for cryin' out loud! The day after payday!

Eddie Izzard in "Work in Progress": A Solo Show

Two Nights Only!
August 11 & 12, 2007, 8:00 p.m.

Tickets $50
Limit four per customer. Tickets on sale online and at the box office: 206.443.2222.

Oh! someone please buy me a ticket! Karma must be on my side, yes? I've bought birthday tickets for others.

I don't think I'm going to get to see the Cure either. *pout*


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