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Could it be possible to will labor into happening?

See how my little brother, [livejournal.com profile] kevbonium says, "thinking of you."


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The little count down thing says three more days, and you can't even see the nest anymore because the stork has over taken it.

Now that the baby has turned there are only two things left to do: 1) make sure it stays that way by continuing all the things mentioned in previous posts, and 2) wait.

This isn't so good, really. You know why? I'm really having trouble maintaining patience at this point. It really is at the point where it could be any day. Labor could start any time, and I really want it to. I have nothing else to do but take my primrose oil and rearrange things. That and I'm still on a mission to get some decent Indian Curry in the next week.

I talked to my boss at the college and we've decided that I'm just going to work my Tuesday evening shift and then be done, baby or no baby, until I come back (probably early November). Tuesday is due date day... in case anyone needs a reminder. So I think it's appropriate that after that point we do what we can to get labor going. Besides, everyday from here on out it's just more and more likely that it will be that day. Personally, I'd rather not be stuck at the college with no one else to whom I can turn over the office. I'm the closer. So, only one more shift there and then... more waiting.

I'm supposed to be sleeping, though. So... sleeping it is. Or at least trying.

Nursery Update: I did organize the changing table. Turns out we could use some more liners (possibly) for the cloth diapers, but those are super inexpensive. I opened the wipes warmer and put it out. Somebody still hasn't put up shelves for me, so it's in a temporary position until that is accomplished. It won't be plugged in or turned on until it's time to open the wipes, but they're all ready and waiting.
So, on the docket for tomorrow is vacuuming in here and organizing the office end of the things. Oh, and of course, continued nagging about the shelves.

My cat is being super duper needy and whiny so I'd best her some lovin'.

P.S. I've been ridiculously hungry today (for the first time in ages) and the baby is wigglin' up a storm. I hope that's a good sign.
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Inutero baby hiccups has to be, easily, one of the weirdest pregnancy sensations ... and definitely my least favourite. OH well. Necessary practice for the little nipper.

Feeling much better today, even though I'm a bit nauseous after eating a dessert type item for brunch today... MISTAKE. I should know better but I was pressed for time. And now I pay for it.

On the plus side, I was pressed for time because I went and collected the labor tub, which is currently dominating the back seat of the Subie.

There's nothing holding us back now. I'm going to give this Evening Primrose stuff a try and ... see if anything happens I guess. I hope it's not as gross as it sounds. Yuck.

Oh, also on the good news list: most things are arriving in the post! I love getting things in the post. It's terrible. Now I'm just waiting for my Caden Lane messenger diaper bag to get here from Canada. They sent it via national post and it's taking freakin' forever. I asked for a tracking number, and much like our own ridiculous postal system, it only had information dating to the 28th of September. Thanks... that's oh so helpful. I hope it shows up!

I'm going to finish the baby room tonight. That's my plan. That means organizing the changing table, taking the wipes warmer out of the box, putting the cloth diapers in the crate thing I got for them, and making the room look really cozy. I'm intending to take pictures, but we'll see if I really do it. That would be better tomorrow when there is window light.

And now for more water... and hoping these hiccups knock off.

Oh, last thing of note: even my too big clothes are tight now! Bah. I squished into a tie dye dress today and have to keep checking to make sure the buttons haven't popped open again. Good thing I'm wearing under layers. It's tempting to say I'm not going to work here next week and just live in pajamas until the baby comes out. I'll miss the gut when it does, though. It's a special thing. But next time... if there is ever a next time (which could happen if Stephen is as keen on babies as he is on his cats) I have a couple of requirements. 1) Loose some freakin weight first so I feel prettier, and 2) invest in real maternity clothes that actually fit and ESPECIALLY knickers.

That is all.
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Where was I? *Ahem*

That was a much needed and much restorative nap, btw.

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I am really not feeling great today. My back is killing me. It's so uncomfortable to sit anywhere- to the point of distracting me from work.
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Ah well... almost there, though. Today, officially, I can say I'm about ready to get this over with. Part of me still wants the rest of the week to get things done in the office and wrap up with clients, but there is a huge part of me that is so ready for the baby.

Every night for the last few nights I've had baby dreams. I had one where I could grab the foot from outside of my belly and I tried to spin the baby around so it would be going the right way. There was another one where we, Stephen, baby girl, and myself were riding in the car. I had the baby in my lap in the front seat and she was looking out the window. She had a rainbow aura and a cute hat. I kept thinking I should really put her back in her seat now, but I didn't want to let her go. I had another one which was basically just looking back at the car seat (from the front seat of the car, which I do all the time) and finally seeing feet in it. I'm looking forward to that.

I'm ready to be captivated by the tiny creature.

Oh yeah, did I mention that we're now within a week of our due date?

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