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So, this puts things into perspective a little bit:

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Not long to go!

This shall be a short update.

Baby shower invitations should be going out shortly, hopefully in next couple of days. Was supposed to be seeing [livejournal.com profile] redcanoe this weekend but have a sudden house guest in the form of [livejournal.com profile] echo_echo, so that may not be happening. Haven't heard back from her.

Have been adding more things to the registries. What a time drain that is! I'll probably spend time deleting a lot of it again later. That's what I do.

Quick Update on the financial situation: Egad. Did more digging with regards to insurance. Called Premera (our previous provider) as a long shot to see if they would cover since we started with them. They won't. They won't be cause Regence will cover someone to deliver the baby. So, they suggested we switch providers. So... we're just going to have to fit the bill for this one because I'm not ok with a Nurse Midwife and a hospital.

I'm actually looking forward to a home birth at this point. I think it's pretty exciting.

Other than that... baby class again today. Still haven't talked about that much. Perhaps soon.
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The Cost of Having A Baby

We had our 32 Week Midwife appointment this morning. Despite a rocky start in getting there and me walking part of the way post tantrum, I think the fact that it turned out well is proof positive that Darlene really works for us.

The big question was whether or not we can stay with her. We found out that what it's going to cost us to stay there:
Facility Fee: $2,000 normally but she'll only charge us $1,000 given the situation if we decide to birth at the birthing center.
Professional Fee: $3,000 normally but she'll knock it down to $2,500, or if we pay it by 36 weeks (one month from now) she'll reduce it further to $2,000.

If we choose to have a home birth, there is no facility fee and the grand total should be $2,000 if we can pay her this month. She's cutting it in half for us, basically.

Needless to say, we're strongly considering a home birth.
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The bottom line here is that we do not want to change care providers. I'm sure you're wondering, and YES I did call our new insurance provider. They will not reimburse us a penny and they actually told me that they wouldn't have covered the delivery by a midwife anyway... though I didn't get full details on that bit. Regardless, we had a hard time finding someone we were really comfortable with and I don't want to start that all over again so late in the game. I feel like we'd be potentially compromising my health and that of the baby just to save the 80% or whatever the insurance covers (and even some of that is questionable at this point). It's just not worth it to me. We'll figure it out.

I'd rather work harder to make it work than compromise on this one. I'm just not comfortable with that and the last thing I want is added anxiety, which equals added risk. I guess this is where all those parenting choices come into play, huh? We want what's best for the baby. This is what we think is best. So here we are. We need $2,000.

So... other things:About the Baby )

Mom is going to Canada to pick up our Quinny Zapp tonight. I may go with her, or I may go to the Clutch show with Stephen... dunno yet.

More about La Leche League meeting later.

P.S. Nose bleeds suck and I'd like to be done with them now... and Pickle likes bubbles. Silly goldfish.
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Well... 8 weeks to go until the due date. This likely means another 9 1/2 until the birth.

Stephen got hired on full time at the place he's been contracting which means we now a new insurance plan. He was happy and anxious to stop paying out of pocket for the Cobra Plan (continuation of our original insurance through his last employer) and I've been apprehensive about dropping the Cobra ever since he suggested just not paying for it back in July. Turns out all of that apprehension was completely founded. Call it woman's intuition. This new insurance plan does not cover the midwife. It will not pay for the birth - unless something goes wrong and we end up at a hospital. I, for one, am not ok with that.

So, I'm at work at the college right now. It's my second to last day before we have a five week break and there is really no certainty of any hours after that as the college is trying to cut funding (go figure). I'm really freaking out right now. I'm really trying not to lose it at work. Edit: Just talked to my boss and we will get some hours, but as per usual there are a certain amount and he leaves it up to us to divide them between us... so it's really dependent on how generous everyone else will be as to how many hours I get.

I've called the midwife just to double check with them and they do not work with this new provider at all. They said they are happy to bill our previous insurance for everything up until the 1 August when our insurance changed. Our next appointment there is Wednesday when they are going to talk to us about how much this is going to cost out of pocket for the remainder of our care including the birth.

We've already lost our vision coverage and are having to pay for my new contacts out of pocket this month. We haven't bought the carseat yet (they're supposed to be available this week at some places and later in the month at others- so that's what we've been waiting for). We haven't bought a breast pump. We've been putting all of this off until this month or next (I've been pushing for sooner rather than later, but in the end it's really not my decision).

I'm really not ok about the idea of having to change away from our Midwife. I would sooner have the baby at home by myself than go anywhere near an OB. All I need is someone to catch the baby and the afterbirth, cut the cord, and we're good to go, I think.

Maybe another job isn't such a bad idea after all... legalities aside do you think anyone would hire a woman at 8 months pregnant?

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