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These are the best sounds in the world! I keep grinning like an idiot every time I play this again.

Video compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Vish
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Ewan is 1 whole year old! We had a lovely little party for him with many fine people in attendance. Ewan received some amazing gifts today - and thoroughly enjoyed road testing them.

Fortunately, he went down for an nap about an hour and a half before his party as so was able to get some rest before the fun began. This meant that he did not scream through his first birthday! In fact, he was well behaved and a little charmer, as usual.

His little friend, Alice, was in attendance and between the two of them we had cuteness overload. She's 17 months old and about his size. I'm so glad he had a friend to play with today!

In proper photography nerd-mom fashion I set up lights for his cake annihilation so as to get some keepsake shots. I'm so excited to have the squashing of his cake captured forever. I was so impressed at how he totally destroyed it! He just poked it at first, but before long he was in there with both hands tearing it apart. He didn't eat much of it, fortunately. I was a little disappointed that he didn't rub it all over his head or anything of that nature, but he still made enough of a mess to earn himself his second birthday bath of the day. He got a bath and a costume change... and I got a costume change as well.

I can't believe it went so quickly. I can never seem to get around to everyone to chat. However, I think the party was a success. Ewan certainly seemed to enjoy himself and that's really all that matters.
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Just a quick hi-hello.

Mr Ewan is really enjoying the great outdoors. He is now playing the little boy and getting filthy, covered in dirt everyday. It's a really good thing he enjoys his bath time so much as he's getting a lot of it in the utility sink these days.

I can't believe how much he's growing up.

I had a friend over for a chat earlier. While we were yammering away, Ewan got up from his puzzle box to dig around in his diaper bag quickly producing his bottle from which he tried to suck the last few drops. He was right on schedule - looking for his pre-bedtime, 9:30pm bottle and right around 9:26pm. (We're on a really good schedule now.) I was so impressed with just how grown up he's becoming that I just stared at him, halting the conversation momentarily as I sat in awe.

I'm so proud of him.
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My "skinny" (like I or they ever were) jeans fit!!! I still have no business wearing them in public yet, but I am because I'm just that excited.

Now I just need to lose a hundred more pounds or so and I'll be set. I could quit my day job and be a super model.


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