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Hey guys... it's that time again where I need warm bodies for my university assignments. I'm only shooting people I know, or personal referrals from people I know, given the sad 50% average of last semester.

So... if you would like to be nice and model for me, I'd be ever so thankful! Let me know if you're interested.


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Subject: 01:13 PM 05-16-08

I am going to critique Raineâ??s portfolio. I have always notice really great work from Raine, and I was very impressed with her portfolio. Being a graphic designer, I donâ??t have the eye for photography myself, but I do know when I see great work. All of Raineâ??s images are strong and very powerful, and evoke a lot of emotion from her portraits. She has a very strong visual sense, and does a great job of composing her subjects. Her black and whites are equally impressive as her color images, and her lighting is just fantastic. My favorite images from Raine would most definitely be her portraits, and I believe that is where she shines. Her weakest areas where I donâ??t get a lot from would probably be abstract shots. Overall, Raine is well rounded and has produced awesome work in this class so far. Great job!

A review of a not so great final portfolio submitted for my Visualization class.
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In the upcoming weeks and months I am/will be in need of models for some specific photographic projects. So, if you would like some free photography- this is your lucky day. Anyone looking to build a modeling portfolio is especially welcome. If our needs line up, or if you are just happy to play around in front of a camera then I would like to schedule a shoot asap and as far in advance as possible. All work must be model released and I will trade some prints for time. Anyone under 18 must also have their model release signed by a parent or guardian.

I'm not opposed to doing nudes, but would never ask that of someone underaged or uncomfortable. All of my work is tasteful, professional and artistic. However, I'm happy to try new and different things - which is the point of this project. Some of my previous work is available at NicoleRaine.com and on flickr.

Please Email Me or leave a comment if you're interested and include your name, location, and indicate when you would be available. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are best for me. I need at least one person every week now through mid May - that's at least 12 people. Please plan to have 1 - 2 hours available for the shoot.
Specific Shoots and Deadlines )
Thank you for your interest and your help!
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Although Ewan hasn't been especially cooperative about naps I've managed to get a decent start to the quarter. There are some interesting assignments this week already... and I need a model.

I'm just finishing my last quiz for the week (nice to be done on the first day). This is actually a question from my quiz.
[Poll #1128977]

I wish I could go out and play in the snow! I only got a few minutes out there with Ewan.

Oh... and weird thing of note: People from my People class are adding me on Facebook. Odd.
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I have survived my finals. One week of wrap up to go and then I'll be waiving bye bye to this semester with my middle finger. Even though I've gotten A's on my midterms and what scores I've seen come back from my finals, which started a week ago, I'm not expecting stellar grades in any class. But you know what? I'm done. And that's fantastic. I'm looking forward to having time of my own again.

I feel like throwing myself a party or something. But, of course, I won't do that.

However, soon we'll be going the beach, and I can spend time getting baby sorted.

But, seriously, best of all is that when I'm feeling absolutely horrible (like I have been for the last week- I've been pretty ill), I can actually rest without feeling guilty about it. That sounds like the best thing ever.

Now we just wait for the remainder of my grades.


May. 13th, 2007 01:33 am
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I somehow expect that my history instructor would take pleasure in knowing that his class makes me cry.

I have no more finger nails.

But on the plus side, when Mozilla Firefox has to close in any other way than the user (me) actually clicking on the close button (be it shutting down the computer or something very very bad happening as just did), when you reopen it gives you the option to 'Restore Session' or start and new one... and if you restore the previous one... it remembers all of those very important final test answers that you've spent two hours working on. Thank Pete.

I think I'll be waiting to take the last portion of the final until after Mother's Day Brunch. My nerves are shot.
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Well, I'm pretty excited to be done with my first final. It's handed in and now I await my fait.

I'm not going to both posting the original, but here is the edited image I handed in. I tried to look for newer ones, but this was the winner in the end.

The lovely [livejournal.com profile] silentlybound

Even the baby seems to be asleep, so I guess it's time to hit the sack. Ultrasound visit attempt number two at 9am.
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I have so much to do and I can't seem to focus. I've been having this trouble all week long, though it is intensely acute today. I swear I've read the same things over and over and over in an attempt to just get through them, but my attention span is that of a goldfish. It's almost painful.

Of course this is made worse by the fact that I need to have all of this done tonight- I'm down to the wire. Why can't I just do it and get it over with?


I'm so antsy and anxious. GRR. Will it be worth investing an hour of my precious little time into doing some yoga to hopefully get the jitters out? Perhaps. I have to do something. This is painfully slow progress besides and I will need to all my focus to get through my Photoshop work later.

Are we there yet? I am so ready to get the heck out of this semester and on to the things I actually want to be doing, like actually making and printing photographic images- you know, creating. I'm getting really frustrated with always talking about photography and not actually making images.

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