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Inutero baby hiccups has to be, easily, one of the weirdest pregnancy sensations ... and definitely my least favourite. OH well. Necessary practice for the little nipper.

Feeling much better today, even though I'm a bit nauseous after eating a dessert type item for brunch today... MISTAKE. I should know better but I was pressed for time. And now I pay for it.

On the plus side, I was pressed for time because I went and collected the labor tub, which is currently dominating the back seat of the Subie.

There's nothing holding us back now. I'm going to give this Evening Primrose stuff a try and ... see if anything happens I guess. I hope it's not as gross as it sounds. Yuck.

Oh, also on the good news list: most things are arriving in the post! I love getting things in the post. It's terrible. Now I'm just waiting for my Caden Lane messenger diaper bag to get here from Canada. They sent it via national post and it's taking freakin' forever. I asked for a tracking number, and much like our own ridiculous postal system, it only had information dating to the 28th of September. Thanks... that's oh so helpful. I hope it shows up!

I'm going to finish the baby room tonight. That's my plan. That means organizing the changing table, taking the wipes warmer out of the box, putting the cloth diapers in the crate thing I got for them, and making the room look really cozy. I'm intending to take pictures, but we'll see if I really do it. That would be better tomorrow when there is window light.

And now for more water... and hoping these hiccups knock off.

Oh, last thing of note: even my too big clothes are tight now! Bah. I squished into a tie dye dress today and have to keep checking to make sure the buttons haven't popped open again. Good thing I'm wearing under layers. It's tempting to say I'm not going to work here next week and just live in pajamas until the baby comes out. I'll miss the gut when it does, though. It's a special thing. But next time... if there is ever a next time (which could happen if Stephen is as keen on babies as he is on his cats) I have a couple of requirements. 1) Loose some freakin weight first so I feel prettier, and 2) invest in real maternity clothes that actually fit and ESPECIALLY knickers.

That is all.
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So... Stephen is pretty great. He may not let me sit on him because apparently my belly is not a pillow, it's a bowling ball (his words not mine), but he did put the crib together while I was at work today.

Yay! It's rickety and I'm not entirely convinced it's safe, but it's in one piece!

I have provided yet another camera phone pic for your viewing pleasure. I guess this means we just need a couple of accessories (a crib bumper, bed skirt, and a twilight turtle) and we're well on our way to uber cuteness. Huzzah.

Edit/Note: We are planning to make another go at sturdying the crib and probably lowering the mattress- we, of course, would not use it unless we thought it was really safe. And, we are aware that there is a level of user error and McGuivery going on here as we had to take our best guess at what we needed, and that may not have been entirely correct.
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Yay of the Day

[livejournal.com profile] squidgyfishlove has taken the initiative to go to Lowe's and acquire connective bits with which to put together the crib upon my arrival home today... as in I didn't have to ask him or feel like a nag.

I love my husband.

In other baby news: I am very tired and really need a nap.
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Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Somehow the prospect of hitting 30 weeks feels like we're about to slide into home plate.

We've started birthing classes. We've had one, then skipped a week because other people started after we did, and tomorrow we'll all come together for class number 2. So far, so good there.

I'm frustrated with being tired, hot, and trying to get enough nutrients (I have totally lost my appetite). I seriously despise summer.

On the upside, Grandma Chuck came over and helped me paint pretty much painted office/baby room. She graciously put up with me being on the floor a good part of both days as my back keeps going out. Not much to be done about that, it seems. So anyway... It's Blue!

+2 )

So our colour scheme is coming together. The wall colour is called "Blueberry Buck" and will be complemented by green, lighter blue, and yellows/golds- though there are a few red/brown/orange accessories as well which also look good against the wall. It's bright. I like it. It makes it feel more like baby is coming. And we got low order paint so hopefully baby didn't get to feel any effects of the fumes. They didn't bother me so I guess that's alright.
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Well, I guess it's back to the last bit of Saturday. I'm not looking forward to the rest of that, but we won't speak of that.
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Today's post is brought to you by the letters A and G (for anxious and grumpy). Just fair warning.

So! Today marks the first day of the Third Trimester. Good bye relative comfort and having energy again. Good bye to being able to see my feet and reach them. Good bye riding my motorcycle. Good bye to still "having a ways to go."

Hello edema. Hello being tired all the time again. Hello increased back pain. Hello Braxton-Hicks Contractions. Hello Colostrom production and swollen breasts. Hello increased mood swings and crying fits. Hello Anxiety Attacks?! (What's that all about anyway?!) Hello driving on four wheels all the time, everywhere. Hello count down to baby. Hello birthing classes. Hello buying the big ticket items we've been putting off (like a carseat, the pushchair, and a breast pump). Hello pregnant waddle and unrelenting acid reflux.

But most importantly... in three months, Hello Baby!!! That's right. For those of you who need a reminder, our due date is 9 October- three months from today. Just a staggering 12 weeks to go after this one.

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There has been another belly explosion this week. It seems like it doesn't increase in size so consistently as I thought, or perhaps I just notice it at intervals. However, it's getting comments. I suddenly feel big.

News of the Day: [livejournal.com profile] squidgyfishlove was able to feel the baby move for the first time this morning. It followed his finger movements and kept poking back. 'Tis a smart wee bairn. Needless to say, he grinned like an idiot and made the super cute embarrassed smile before promptly hiding under the covers with cheeks a flush. It was a nice moment. He has gotten to connect physically with his child and the baby didn't hide from Dad. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Now I guess it's time to go back to being domestic. More sewing. This follows the all evening sewing session with [livejournal.com profile] to_rei_shi last night. And there is so much more to do. However, the 'completed' pile is growing and we have a plan for everything else (almost). I wish I could head to fabric store and get what I need for the other outfits, but that will have to wait until we get back from our little vacation.

I still need to pick out the fabric for the baby's bedding- crib bumpers and the diaper hanger... and all sorts of other things. I have patters. I have a general idea of what I want to do with the room in general, but that piece specifically is still up in the air. I still need to find a fabric texture that I like for that. But the good news is that I could easily make four or five different bedding sets from scratch for the cost of one ridiculously priced bedding set at Babies 'R' Us or anywhere like that (and some of them are over $100 than I was thinking originally!). Do people really spend that kind of money? Geeze.

I'm going to be really happy to say I made them myself (well probably with some assistance from Mom and perhaps [livejournal.com profile] to_rei_shi as they've expressed interested in being involved).

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