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Inutero baby hiccups has to be, easily, one of the weirdest pregnancy sensations ... and definitely my least favourite. OH well. Necessary practice for the little nipper.

Feeling much better today, even though I'm a bit nauseous after eating a dessert type item for brunch today... MISTAKE. I should know better but I was pressed for time. And now I pay for it.

On the plus side, I was pressed for time because I went and collected the labor tub, which is currently dominating the back seat of the Subie.

There's nothing holding us back now. I'm going to give this Evening Primrose stuff a try and ... see if anything happens I guess. I hope it's not as gross as it sounds. Yuck.

Oh, also on the good news list: most things are arriving in the post! I love getting things in the post. It's terrible. Now I'm just waiting for my Caden Lane messenger diaper bag to get here from Canada. They sent it via national post and it's taking freakin' forever. I asked for a tracking number, and much like our own ridiculous postal system, it only had information dating to the 28th of September. Thanks... that's oh so helpful. I hope it shows up!

I'm going to finish the baby room tonight. That's my plan. That means organizing the changing table, taking the wipes warmer out of the box, putting the cloth diapers in the crate thing I got for them, and making the room look really cozy. I'm intending to take pictures, but we'll see if I really do it. That would be better tomorrow when there is window light.

And now for more water... and hoping these hiccups knock off.

Oh, last thing of note: even my too big clothes are tight now! Bah. I squished into a tie dye dress today and have to keep checking to make sure the buttons haven't popped open again. Good thing I'm wearing under layers. It's tempting to say I'm not going to work here next week and just live in pajamas until the baby comes out. I'll miss the gut when it does, though. It's a special thing. But next time... if there is ever a next time (which could happen if Stephen is as keen on babies as he is on his cats) I have a couple of requirements. 1) Loose some freakin weight first so I feel prettier, and 2) invest in real maternity clothes that actually fit and ESPECIALLY knickers.

That is all.
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This is me yesterday in the mirror at Mom's B&B. Loverly, isn't it?

Definitely not my favourite view of myself, though I suppose I will have to hurry up and take some arty-er shots of myself before the belly isn't there anymore. It's probably the only time I'll have one.
Having only one shot at something can be really disconcerting sometimes. I really hope I'll be a good mum.

In other news, we have just about everything checked off the list of "needs" for baby's arrival. I say just about because I'm probably forgetting something but I hope not. The other side of that being that some of these things are ordered, paid for and supposedly shipped but have not arrived yet. Diaper bag, breast pump, more Snappi fasteners, and the Combi Activity Rocker (which I got on Ebay for less than $40 with shipping!) are all in the post. My baby slings arrived today. Just a couple of things left and I think we're there. However, I think the bare essentials are taken care of. We have diapers. We have me (the food source), the midwife is paid for, our car seat is installed in the car, baby has clothes ready and waiting, and there is definitely a lot of love ready.

Our Baby Diaper Service delivery arrived Wednesday evening. So, we are now well stocked with cloth diapers and have even figured out how to fold them thanks to The Diaper Hyena's Diaper Folding 101, and of course Google for getting me there. So far we've gone with the "Newspaper Fold" which is pretty straight forward and seems to work well with our pre-folds. And before this I didn't know what a "pre-fold" was!

So... we've tested them on my doll, Jennifer (given to me by Santa at my second Xmas), who is a little bigger than new born sized but I think we've got the gist of it. We put in the liner, which we may or may not need in practice, then fold on the cloth diaper, then use the Snappi's (which rock, btw- no bloodied fingers here!) and finally the diaper cover. Now all we have to do is stick a squirming newborn in there, add poo (and copious amounts thereof) and I think we're set. :-)

Stephen is ecstatic about the poo, btw. Oh, I'm sorry, it looks like I've gotten some sarcasm on you. Let me just wipe that off for you. My apologies.

Ah well... I'll have to talk more about what Occipital Posterior means pretty soon since it's the last thing to worry about until the baby is born.

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Stephen took a couple of profile shots of me on Saturday... now I just have to get him to hand them over and post.

We are definitely getting close now. It's odd to answer the "how long do you have question" with "oh, two weeks." That's two weeks until the due date, by the way. Realistically, it could still be up to four more weeks before baby makes an appearance, but I sincerely hope not. The dull, menstrual like cramps continue to plague me, as so some of the stronger ones. I really hope, fingers crossed, that this will make for a smooth laboring process.

It's started to occur to me that by 12, 16, 18 hours in to first stage labor that I might become a bit anxious if we haven't hit transition yet and don't know when we will do. I really hope I'll have the stamina for this. I've been sick on and off this last week and fighting hard not to be. (Of course I would wait until nine months pregnant to get ill, right?) Being ill makes me want the baby to come out so that 1) I'll be more comfortable, and 2) my body will be free to amount a full immune attack and make me better once and for all. However, laying there wishing labor would just start may not be the best move as I would starting from a state of exhaustion and imagine this would make everything harder. It is from this the notion has sprung that it might be a lot longer and harder than I can currently comprehend.

Oh, and as a side note- last night I still got the "you're not that big" thing. What's wrong with just saying, "you look healthy" or some other generality?

Read more... )

Early Mornings and Final Preparations )

Ah well... time will tell all and everything will work out. We're really almost there. It's all so surreal!

Edit: Ah Peanut! Mom is sick with random flu and doesn't want to infect me... so I guess I'm on my own again.

Anyone want $20 to help with me scrubbing tubs, vacuuming the stairs and reaching things I can't reach right now?
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The Happy Post

Thank you to everyone for all the words of encouragement and support on the last post. I managed to get all of my meds in me this morning, including the upped dosage of thyroid meds. This coupled with getting out my customer's stuff and having no computer problems made for a pretty good day. Oh yeah, and having chocolate chip pancakes with Grandma didn't hurt either. :)

I like my Grandma. She's a cool lady.

So, today we are not whining about discomforts or stress. Today it's all good things. There were surprises in the mail from surprising sources (still a mystery which I definitely want to figure out!). We got a bunch of diaper covers from Stephen's boss and his wife. *ace* There was much schmoozing and information gathering at the local art shoppe where framing happens. These are all good things.

I thought I might also share some of what's going on with baby lately- which is likely the whole reason anyone would read this stuff anyway.

Baby heading down. I believe I first mentioned this a couple of weeks ago with regards to increasing pelvic pain and pressure which is said to accompany the baby 'engaging.' However, this week I think that the butt of the baby is markedly lower than it was last week. I suppose this means we're moving in the right direction... down.

To further support this idea, I have noticed that I can no longer find its head. Shoulders: check. Butt: check. Head... all gone. So, either the baby's head has detached and is floating elsewhere in my abdomen, it must be wedged nicely into the birth canal and preparing for deployment.
The baby is consistently started by the sound of crying babies. I find this fascinating. How does it know that sound? Does it realize or know that it is capable of producing that sound, and will very soon? It's truly amazing.

Other than that... the baby continues to be excited by the Glow Worm, wiggles around (which is why I call it Wiggles), and is getting increasingly heavier. Even though everyone is quick to point out how "not that big" I am, I now feel (and have done for a few weeks) like I have a bowling ball strapped to me. According to the literature, the baby is likely around 6lbs right now.

So... Charlotte... you can come and reclaim your premie outfit. I don't think we'll be needing it. Besides, one week from Monday marks full term. At that point, there is a giant green light on birth and the baby could come at any time with no worries. However, my mother has pointed out that this is certainly not allowed as she's too busy for the next few weeks. So, did you hear that baby? You're going to have to clear it with your Grandma before you make your appearance.

In other news, uncle [livejournal.com profile] kevbonium is in visiting for a wedding (a whole other story), and has just arrived at our house. So I guess we'd better go and see the sun burnt vegan before he tootles off to Oregon again.

P.S. Those who asked me about the ridiculously expensive diaper bags: I have an update. I found a much more reasonably priced, though certainly less chic, Avent bag which is located on our Amazon.com Registry... You may also go here for the stuff we need. It's probably the best put together registry list and the least publicized. Go figure.
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So, that Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag that I liked so much... all but the colour... well I found it in "Onyx." This means black with red piping. WANT ONE. Apparently the only place to buy them new is at Neiman Marcus.

They only cost $158 new, plus shipping and whatever. And this, dear friends, is why we have Ebay! Only available used so far... but you know... for a hell of a lot less than a new one.

The only other diaper bag I've seen that I like is this OiOi Charcoal Dot that I saw at Birth and Beyond when I was there with Traci last week.

I don't like it as much as the Petunia Picklebottom one, but that means there are two out there that I don't hate.

And why is this a big deal? I will admit it: I have a bag fetish. This is the only time I get to embrace it, really. Maybe you would have to know me to understand. However, I have done as Stephen wanted and got rid of most of my bags... and now I don't have a messenger bag anymore. Nope, that's right. Me without a black messenger bag. This means I can't just use something that's laying around because there aren't any.

I know I'm the only one who cares about this, but it's my journal. And a girl can dream.

However, I did also find a wipes case on Ebay with hand painted/air brushed skulls on it. So I guess there is that. Tempting for $7 w/ shipping... but we'll see.
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Half an hour left of work. Then it's off to Babies R Us with Mom so I can purchase a crib bumper, about which Stephen does not care. Stephen is ok with bubble wrapping the baby and giving it a snorkel thereby making all safety items unnecessary and obsolete... until diaper changing and feeding come into play. Bet you didn't think of that one, didja!? So... instead of bubble-wrapping the baby, or making a crib bumper out of Duct Tape and ... what did you suggest Stephen? an old sheet or something... I'm going to pony up a whopping $30 (of his money) and buy one.

So what else is going on? I'm trying to make the list of invites for the Baby Shower to give to miss hostess, [livejournal.com profile] redcanoe. I don't know who to invite to this thing! I've been so bad at keeping in touch that I almost feel like I shouldn't invite people because they're likely to think we just want more presents, which is not at all the case. We don't have room for them. Ah well... I don't expect most people will want to come. I expect they'll see Baby Shower and head for the hills. Also, the plan seems to be Evites, but I'm not sure I like that. Oh well. It seems maybe too informal? I don't know. And I don't know how many people really check their email anymore (some a lot, obviously, but it's the locals that I never email with of which I have no clue). Oh well... I guess if people come they come and if they don't... well we'll have a lot of cake all to ourselves.

Other things to report: I am dead tired. I'm having a hard time sleeping at night (which is normal from here on, annoyingly) and then waking up too early. If I go back to sleep I end up having CRAZY dreams that keep me bed too long. And I need a nap now. Well... I suppose in somewhat of a good way, I have work at the college tomorrow, two days next week, and then five whole weeks off whether I like it or not (and the answer there is not). This is great for getting done house work and taking naps, but it also will mean I never leave the house. Oh well... more naps it is then. But not today.

And that pointless update is all you get for today.

Topics I need to remember to cover in the near future:

  • The Craziness of the last week.

  • Bradley Birthing Classes.

  • Shooting a wedding in July.

  • Stephen and bath toys.

  • Sewing and other projects with Mom

Other than that, folks, we have about nine weeks to go. That's all. Time... well, it's flying. So excited to meet the baby!

Last minute addition:
I've gotten to sit here at work today, with my feet sort of propped up, and see my belly change shape while the baby rolls around. That is pretty interesting, and I find it quite enjoyable. It's getting bigger, that's for sure. The literature suggests it could be 3.5 - 4 lbs. this week. And it's likely double again before it's born. Crazy, eh?
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So... Stephen is pretty great. He may not let me sit on him because apparently my belly is not a pillow, it's a bowling ball (his words not mine), but he did put the crib together while I was at work today.

Yay! It's rickety and I'm not entirely convinced it's safe, but it's in one piece!

I have provided yet another camera phone pic for your viewing pleasure. I guess this means we just need a couple of accessories (a crib bumper, bed skirt, and a twilight turtle) and we're well on our way to uber cuteness. Huzzah.

Edit/Note: We are planning to make another go at sturdying the crib and probably lowering the mattress- we, of course, would not use it unless we thought it was really safe. And, we are aware that there is a level of user error and McGuivery going on here as we had to take our best guess at what we needed, and that may not have been entirely correct.
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Time sure does fly, doesn't it? Somehow the prospect of hitting 30 weeks feels like we're about to slide into home plate.

We've started birthing classes. We've had one, then skipped a week because other people started after we did, and tomorrow we'll all come together for class number 2. So far, so good there.

I'm frustrated with being tired, hot, and trying to get enough nutrients (I have totally lost my appetite). I seriously despise summer.

On the upside, Grandma Chuck came over and helped me paint pretty much painted office/baby room. She graciously put up with me being on the floor a good part of both days as my back keeps going out. Not much to be done about that, it seems. So anyway... It's Blue!

+2 )

So our colour scheme is coming together. The wall colour is called "Blueberry Buck" and will be complemented by green, lighter blue, and yellows/golds- though there are a few red/brown/orange accessories as well which also look good against the wall. It's bright. I like it. It makes it feel more like baby is coming. And we got low order paint so hopefully baby didn't get to feel any effects of the fumes. They didn't bother me so I guess that's alright.
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Well, I guess it's back to the last bit of Saturday. I'm not looking forward to the rest of that, but we won't speak of that.
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Today's post is brought to you by the letters A and G (for anxious and grumpy). Just fair warning.

So! Today marks the first day of the Third Trimester. Good bye relative comfort and having energy again. Good bye to being able to see my feet and reach them. Good bye riding my motorcycle. Good bye to still "having a ways to go."

Hello edema. Hello being tired all the time again. Hello increased back pain. Hello Braxton-Hicks Contractions. Hello Colostrom production and swollen breasts. Hello increased mood swings and crying fits. Hello Anxiety Attacks?! (What's that all about anyway?!) Hello driving on four wheels all the time, everywhere. Hello count down to baby. Hello birthing classes. Hello buying the big ticket items we've been putting off (like a carseat, the pushchair, and a breast pump). Hello pregnant waddle and unrelenting acid reflux.

But most importantly... in three months, Hello Baby!!! That's right. For those of you who need a reminder, our due date is 9 October- three months from today. Just a staggering 12 weeks to go after this one.

Second Trimester Wrap Up )
Third Trimester )
Baby Shower info and Registries )
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So, I've listed some things and gotten some encouraging responses so far. This pleases me greatly. There is far too much stuff around here and a lot of things I really just don't use any more. Every so often I get on these kicks where I just want to get rid of as much as possible. Once I start with something and get that rush of freedom and the lifted burden of this thing sitting around then I want to just find more, more things to get rid of! Get rid of EVERYTHING I don't need!

Oh and did I mention we have a baby on the way? And we have no idea where to put that.

What a great meditation to get rid of the things I know longer need and to actually put to use the things which have been laying in wait all of this time. And of course, I want some new things, things that are functional and contemporary vs obsolete. Selling some of these other things of value is very helpful in allowing me the means to acquire things which are otherwise absolutely not in the budget- things like another, bigger CF card, Adobe Lightroom and CS3, a LowePro DryZone Rover so I can take water and camera everywhere, including on the bike- all without leaving lunch at home, and the ever allusive light meter. I would also like to get some baby gear that fits with this other baby gear, both of which I can only find in the UK they sell in almost every other country but this one, and only as close as Quebec Canada, go figure and is rather expensive when the exchange rate and shipping are considered. Oh, and I have some savings to replace which supplemented the purchase of my shiny new (to me) motorcycle... and then there is the trip to Faerie Worlds in July with the [livejournal.com profile] fruitcakes bunch.

Alright folks, by some photos. You know you want to. They are pretty and will look great wherever you put them. I have many other services to offer.

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