Oct. 4th, 2007 10:55 pm
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I can't believe I just looked up the song from the stupid iPod adverts that consistently gets stuck in my head after seeing it.

It's by Feist, by the way, and unsurprisingly called "1,2,3,4."

At least the rest of the album is not too bad at all. AND if you listen to the full version of the song, which made the people's choice countdown tonight (which is why I know what who sings it), you will hear that it includes a banjo.

I think it's safe to say that you don't really know me unless you know that I'm a sucker for banjo's.
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Ok, so I may have just purchased tickets to go and see the Cure... ok so I did.

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The Cure are playing at Key Arena (which has chairs) the day before the baby is due. I really really want to go. I would so love to see the Cure! My midwife always says that first babies are 8 days late, statistically speaking- and her receptionist said she thought that was awesome when I said I was thinking about going. I have known about this since last week and it's really driving me crazy. Should I go? Even if I went into labour during the concert, wouldn't be some sort of wonderful sign from the gods? The Baby does love to wiggle to music. And how horrible would it be to sit at home knowing that I'm missing it... only to find the baby really does come a week later? I have been saying that, boy or girl, I would dress it up for Halloween as Robert Smith next year (this year may be pushing it). I got a little velvet jacket for it and everything! (I'm a loving Mum, can you tell?)

And besides, if the baby comes before that... well I'll just sell or gift my tickets and it won't be an issue... unless the baby goes to the Cure concert anyway... hmm.... getting out is good for babies after all...

[Poll #1022877]

This is the last post of the night, I promise!
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Yo-Yo Ma is performing at the Opening Night Concert & Gala at Benaroyal Hall on 15 September (Baby shower Day)... and all they have left are the full Gala tickets for $450!!!

Pardon me while I burst into uncontrollable fits of tears. I wish I would have found this while concert only tickets were still available!

I went to look in the first place because I heard adverts on the radio for the Seattle Symphony performing Carmina Burana which I would have loved to have seen. Unfortunately it only ran from the 12th to the 14th... we just missed it! *SOB*

However... there is a shining ray of hope: George Winston, pianist I so enjoy, is playing on 28 September and Orchestra seating is still available for a very attainable $30! *JOY!* I'm trying to see if some of the cultured ladies whom I see to rarely would like to accompany me before tickets are gone. I hope so! If I must, I'll go alone, but I would really like for them to come with me.

And one last thing to cry over... The Cure are playing the day before we're due... to go or not to go?
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[ profile] to_rei_shi: Be forewarned. I think it may be BIG GAY TECHNO DANCE PARTY night. Mwahahaha...

I'm already driving [ profile] squidgyfishlove a bit mad. But that's what doors are for!

*bounce bounce, shakin' it*

See you in a little while!
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The secret is out! Our sushi chef knows we're pregnant. He made me a special cooked snapper roll (snapper apparently being very low in mercury) as celebration.

Stephen is being very impatient with me, so I'll have to make this quick...

We are giving into the baby consumerism only slightly. I have run across Baby Rockabyes! They are kid friendly, instrumental renditions of rock bands. They have Baby Metallica, Nirvana, The Cure, Tool, and more. I think that's pretty sweet considering that I can't stand any of the other lullaby albums I've heard. So yeah... downloading as we speak. I'm stoked.

And now for a movie and more homework. Yippie!
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I hereby decree that my husband, [ profile] squidgyfishlove, is a musical idiot!

  • He doesn't like the Pixies.

  • He thinks Robert Smith and the Cure are EMO! No, fucktard, NO!

  • He shushes me and puts on WEEOW WEEEEEOW music.

  • He just did a very camp hand>staple>forehead in mockery.

  • He called Goth music "GAY BLACK MUSIC" and yet steals my mp3's.

  • He likes neo-boy bands with guitars.


I think I feel better now.

Edit:He also does not Ticky Box!!!

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