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My sweet Babboo and I, and Darryl and Alice, all went to pumpkin patch today.

Darryl and Alice came over this morning for a play date and the usual rambling about nonsense and photography (in no particular order). As you may recall from previous writings (assuming I've remembered to write them), Alice is about 5 ½ months older than Ewan and just about the same size. She was the only other munchkin in attendance at his birthday party. Anyway, play dates with Darryl and Alice are great fun because Ewan and Alice get to learn about sharing and Darryl and I get to make sure they don't take things away from each other. They're very cute together. Today Alice helped me push Ewan around in the fire car he got for his birthday while he made vroom vroom sounds. She's a great helper.

Ewan helped me push his high chair over to where Alice had her booster seat so they could eat together. Darryl and I talked about lenses while I apportioned food to both of them.

Following a bit of stropping and some false starts we finally made it towards the pumpkin patch, albeit dangerously close to nap time for both of them.

We began with a hay ride for which both of them sat very still. Ewan again made vroom vroom noises like the tractor. When we got back they were far more interested in the animals than the pumpkins but were both very cute. Ewan was completely mesmerized by the geese. He stared at them for minutes on end with his mouth gaping open before finally trying to mimic their honking and quacking like sounds. He stayed there until I had to pick him up and move him along.

Ewan was a bit of a handful today as he wanted to run in every which direction away from the pumpkins (and my without my camera strap). He seemed to enjoy running on the gravel more than anything besides attempting to stick his fingers into the animals cages (which of course I would not let him do).

For a while Darryl and I were trying to each photograph the kids, calling to them and chasing them with our cameras before agreeing that we would trade off. I got the first shot at it. He chased ( and I mean chased) Ewan and Alice while I tried to get some shots and then I traded cameras while he got a turn. Alice was far easier than Ewan today. She wanted to sit on the pumpkins and Ewan wanted to run. Alice, being a little bit older, is better at taking directions. After a while we gave up and decided to head for the bouncy castle. Just as we had arrived to the pumpkin patch this afternoon so had a field trip of school children which flooded the trains and bouncy castles, but happily they were now gone.

Darryl helped Alice to remove her shoes and coat. While I waited to see how many other kids would clear some woman asked me if I photograph for NILMDTS sleep, to which I said I do. She recognized me from the hospital in Everett. She had caught me off guard just long enough for Ewan to turn around and find himself a Grandma. I saw him heading that direction but I tend to give him the chance to say hi to people. However this time he wanted "up." Having finally retrieved him from his new-found pseudo granny, I removed his shoes and jacket and handed him in to Darryl who helped him climb around with Alice. I took pictures until we switched. Ewan, being a rambunctious little boy, seemed to like it better than Alice, being a rather shy little girl. However, I think a fun time was had by all.

We packed up, said goodbye, and Ewan promptly fell asleep.

The End.

Other things of note today:
- Today is the first day that Ewan his tried to actually comb his own hair instead of trying to eat the comb!

- He has figured out how to push the button on his bus to make it go, and also wanted to put people in to the bus.

- When Alice took the bus he put the driver in his truck.

- He has taken to screaming bloody murder, like he's being killed, when you take away things he wants to have. Oh boy.

See more photos here.
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