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Topic of the Day: Is it a Boy or a Girl? Actually the real topic of the day is what if it's a boy... what to name the thing?!

Stephen likes Italian names. I like Scottish, Irish, sort of trad English names... and things that are a little different/less common/more unique than most of what we're coming up with and those being suggested.

We could use some suggestions from the more creative of you. We really like what [livejournal.com profile] deathboy and Liz chose to name their boy, Corben. Of course we would not use it, but we're happy to hear some other similar or even rejected names as a source of inspiration.

I like things like Ewan, Cullen, Aidan and other ridiculously long winded things. Stephen likes Italian names including Angelo, as well as Brian, Andrew (which I will accept as a middle name and is Stephen's middle name), and ... other things.

[Poll #1005012]

If it is a boy, it may look like this:I'm going to get in trouble for this )

Disclaimer: Anything we ultimately choose is absolutely nothing person with regards to where it came from, or to do with social/political/family obligations of any kind. We reserve the right to ignore or use any and all advice. There will be no taking offense if your name is not considered for any reason.

Thanks :)
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Curiosity is a wonderful thing. It leads me to search some very interesting things on Google. I have been known to get excited about things like leperacy and other slightly morbid things. Today, however, I have discovered what the Placenta looks like. For some crazy reason I thought it would look like a jelly fish. [livejournal.com profile] squidgyfishlove thought it would look like a pig's stomach. It doesn't really look like either, actually. It's more like an alien brain on a rope. I find this fascinating. I hope I can find the energy and tear myself away from the baby long enough to photograph the placenta when it comes out of me. I expect [livejournal.com profile] squidgyfishlove will just pass out or throw up at the sight of it. I, however, want documentary, photographic evidence of this thing that was so exhausting for my body to build.

Images of placentas are here:
There are, of course, more of these... but I'll leave you with those. :-)

Fun Fact: The reason most women regain energy after week twelve and the risk of miscarriage simultaneously drops is that the placenta is finished and functioning around this time. The primary reason that the risk of miscarriage drops is that the placenta creates its own supply of progesterone, the hormone most responsible for 'staying pregnant' during the first trimester, so even if the mother's supply is otherwise lower than it should be (like mine would be without the 300 mg I take per day) the placenta creates enough that the mother's levels become irrelevant.

Less Fun Fact: The Placenta produces another hormone called somatomammotropin, aka placental lactogen, which increases the amount of lipids, or fat cells, in my blood stream as well as Relaxin which is responsible for me needing new shoes (allowing my feet to elongate due to relaxed ligaments) as well as lower back and pelvic pain which will ultimately create more room and flexibility for passing a small human through a tight space and putting the first crack in my pelvis. On that note: in forensic archaeology a woman's pelvis is inspected for cracks to determine how many children to which she may have given birth- each one creates a crack in the bone. Yeah, ouch.

Yum Yum: According to Wikipedia, In most mammalian species[none human], the mother bites through the cord and consumes the placenta, primarily for the benefit of prostaglandin on the uterus after birth. This is known as placentophagy. However, some humans apparently find this tasty, including Tom Cruise who was quoted in GQ Magazine, with regards to the birth of baby Suri via Katie Holmes, as saying: “I’m gonna eat the placenta. I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m gonna eat the cord and the placenta right there.” In case you're interested, I've found some Placenta Recipes.

I personally have no intention of masticating my placenta, or anyone else's for that matter... but to each their own.

I wonder what a bin full of those would look like... best not dumpster dive behind any hospitals.

Upcoming Midwife Appointment )
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So, someone was complaining today that we haven't updated since the 9th (five days ago). So I'm updating. May I please remind that person that we've been out of town from the 10th until today?

Geeze, and what should I say? My uterus is now sitting on top of my bladder and boy is that no fun!
I still feel like I'm just inflating and huge. Even though I know this is nothing... it will only get worse. However, I do feel somewhat vindicated in that my book says (and all the week 23 email newsletters) that from this week on the baby will be gaining some serious weight. Between now and week 27 (so just over three weeks), the baby's weight will double. It's just over a pound right now (supposedly)... Basically from here until week 27 (the beginning of the 3rd trimester), it will gain about 1/4 of a pound per week. After that, during the 3rd trimester, it will gain 1/2 a pound a week until it's born.
So... basically that doesn't mean good news for my waistline- or the BLOODY STRETCH MARKS!!! I've been battling those for a couple of weeks with cream that [livejournal.com profile] squidgyfishlove despises. I did not take it on vacation with us, and now, as of this weekend, the stretch marks are getting the upper hand. This makes me sad. I thought I was too fat to get these things. I thought that not being fit would be on my side in this matter. But no. No. NO. Hrumph. Maybe it's time for a different cream regime.

Other than that, the baby has been really active this weekend. Apparently it likes to travel and I think that's fabulous. It also has discovered the new trick of rolling over and initiating the urge use the loo. The fact that my uterus is now sitting, yes sitting on my bladder may explain this. It still likes to play with my fingers and follow them around my belly. It's also kicking Stephen more often. Go baby! :) However, this increased level of activity seems to make me hungry and tired.

Also, I have discovered that over-doing-it is getting much easier to do. Common side effects this are as follows: emotional instability, irritability, crying about stupid things, back pain, and the ever dreaded Pregnant Walk. I now completely understand this phenomenon. I thought I would be safe from this for a couple of months, but I was wrong. When tired, I have no defense. It's sad.

That's all you get today. At least in this installment.

P.S. Really. Horrible. Dreams.

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