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This is me yesterday in the mirror at Mom's B&B. Loverly, isn't it?

Definitely not my favourite view of myself, though I suppose I will have to hurry up and take some arty-er shots of myself before the belly isn't there anymore. It's probably the only time I'll have one.
Having only one shot at something can be really disconcerting sometimes. I really hope I'll be a good mum.

In other news, we have just about everything checked off the list of "needs" for baby's arrival. I say just about because I'm probably forgetting something but I hope not. The other side of that being that some of these things are ordered, paid for and supposedly shipped but have not arrived yet. Diaper bag, breast pump, more Snappi fasteners, and the Combi Activity Rocker (which I got on Ebay for less than $40 with shipping!) are all in the post. My baby slings arrived today. Just a couple of things left and I think we're there. However, I think the bare essentials are taken care of. We have diapers. We have me (the food source), the midwife is paid for, our car seat is installed in the car, baby has clothes ready and waiting, and there is definitely a lot of love ready.

Our Baby Diaper Service delivery arrived Wednesday evening. So, we are now well stocked with cloth diapers and have even figured out how to fold them thanks to The Diaper Hyena's Diaper Folding 101, and of course Google for getting me there. So far we've gone with the "Newspaper Fold" which is pretty straight forward and seems to work well with our pre-folds. And before this I didn't know what a "pre-fold" was!

So... we've tested them on my doll, Jennifer (given to me by Santa at my second Xmas), who is a little bigger than new born sized but I think we've got the gist of it. We put in the liner, which we may or may not need in practice, then fold on the cloth diaper, then use the Snappi's (which rock, btw- no bloodied fingers here!) and finally the diaper cover. Now all we have to do is stick a squirming newborn in there, add poo (and copious amounts thereof) and I think we're set. :-)

Stephen is ecstatic about the poo, btw. Oh, I'm sorry, it looks like I've gotten some sarcasm on you. Let me just wipe that off for you. My apologies.

Ah well... I'll have to talk more about what Occipital Posterior means pretty soon since it's the last thing to worry about until the baby is born.

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I'm making lists of things we [Stephen] need to remember when it's Baby Time. Included amongst those lists is that of who wants to be notified that labor and/or birth has occurred/is happening. I'm honestly not sure who to put on this list so I'm asking for your help. Please let us know if you would like to be on that list.

We are not likely to contact anyone other than immediate family if either or both of these events occur in the middle of the night. If you want to know no matter what the hour or the day, please let us know. I'm not guaranteeing anything, mind you, as I'm not likely to be in charge of this and Stephen is likely to be distracted... however, if you have your name on the piece of paper to which Stephen and/or my mom will be referring then your chances are much better.

Thanks from us.

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Stephen took a couple of profile shots of me on Saturday... now I just have to get him to hand them over and post.

We are definitely getting close now. It's odd to answer the "how long do you have question" with "oh, two weeks." That's two weeks until the due date, by the way. Realistically, it could still be up to four more weeks before baby makes an appearance, but I sincerely hope not. The dull, menstrual like cramps continue to plague me, as so some of the stronger ones. I really hope, fingers crossed, that this will make for a smooth laboring process.

It's started to occur to me that by 12, 16, 18 hours in to first stage labor that I might become a bit anxious if we haven't hit transition yet and don't know when we will do. I really hope I'll have the stamina for this. I've been sick on and off this last week and fighting hard not to be. (Of course I would wait until nine months pregnant to get ill, right?) Being ill makes me want the baby to come out so that 1) I'll be more comfortable, and 2) my body will be free to amount a full immune attack and make me better once and for all. However, laying there wishing labor would just start may not be the best move as I would starting from a state of exhaustion and imagine this would make everything harder. It is from this the notion has sprung that it might be a lot longer and harder than I can currently comprehend.

Oh, and as a side note- last night I still got the "you're not that big" thing. What's wrong with just saying, "you look healthy" or some other generality?

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Ah well... time will tell all and everything will work out. We're really almost there. It's all so surreal!

Edit: Ah Peanut! Mom is sick with random flu and doesn't want to infect me... so I guess I'm on my own again.

Anyone want $20 to help with me scrubbing tubs, vacuuming the stairs and reaching things I can't reach right now?

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