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The Happy Post

Thank you to everyone for all the words of encouragement and support on the last post. I managed to get all of my meds in me this morning, including the upped dosage of thyroid meds. This coupled with getting out my customer's stuff and having no computer problems made for a pretty good day. Oh yeah, and having chocolate chip pancakes with Grandma didn't hurt either. :)

I like my Grandma. She's a cool lady.

So, today we are not whining about discomforts or stress. Today it's all good things. There were surprises in the mail from surprising sources (still a mystery which I definitely want to figure out!). We got a bunch of diaper covers from Stephen's boss and his wife. *ace* There was much schmoozing and information gathering at the local art shoppe where framing happens. These are all good things.

I thought I might also share some of what's going on with baby lately- which is likely the whole reason anyone would read this stuff anyway.

Baby heading down. I believe I first mentioned this a couple of weeks ago with regards to increasing pelvic pain and pressure which is said to accompany the baby 'engaging.' However, this week I think that the butt of the baby is markedly lower than it was last week. I suppose this means we're moving in the right direction... down.

To further support this idea, I have noticed that I can no longer find its head. Shoulders: check. Butt: check. Head... all gone. So, either the baby's head has detached and is floating elsewhere in my abdomen, it must be wedged nicely into the birth canal and preparing for deployment.
The baby is consistently started by the sound of crying babies. I find this fascinating. How does it know that sound? Does it realize or know that it is capable of producing that sound, and will very soon? It's truly amazing.

Other than that... the baby continues to be excited by the Glow Worm, wiggles around (which is why I call it Wiggles), and is getting increasingly heavier. Even though everyone is quick to point out how "not that big" I am, I now feel (and have done for a few weeks) like I have a bowling ball strapped to me. According to the literature, the baby is likely around 6lbs right now.

So... Charlotte... you can come and reclaim your premie outfit. I don't think we'll be needing it. Besides, one week from Monday marks full term. At that point, there is a giant green light on birth and the baby could come at any time with no worries. However, my mother has pointed out that this is certainly not allowed as she's too busy for the next few weeks. So, did you hear that baby? You're going to have to clear it with your Grandma before you make your appearance.

In other news, uncle [livejournal.com profile] kevbonium is in visiting for a wedding (a whole other story), and has just arrived at our house. So I guess we'd better go and see the sun burnt vegan before he tootles off to Oregon again.

P.S. Those who asked me about the ridiculously expensive diaper bags: I have an update. I found a much more reasonably priced, though certainly less chic, Avent bag which is located on our Amazon.com Registry... You may also go here for the stuff we need. It's probably the best put together registry list and the least publicized. Go figure.
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Hopefully this post will be much calmer than the one I intended to write last night.

I'm not sure where to start, so I suppose it will be the end and then we'll back up from there.
It's not pretty. )

This is not the start I wanted for our baby.

Edit: P.S.: This whole persistent anxiety attack thing this really devastating my work day. *Big. Thumbs. Down.*

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