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Yoga is good.

However, yoga in a space without enough room for me to full extend anything is bad, and life will be much improved when my black, birthday yoga mats finally get here. Also, note to self: hoover area before sticking your face in the carpet whilst doing child's pose and meditation.

But on the whole: Yoga is very very good. It also helps me appreciate the fact that I am still capable of bending in most ways and touching my toes... and all that good stuff. Biggest obstacle to date is my gigantic chestular area. I feel like a ... well... I'm definitely in preparation for being a feed bag.

I had ordered Prenatal Yoga along with Pilates During Pregnancy, a couple of books and two yoga mats (I have long legs) from Amazon. I think I should be able to find time to one of these a day. And I know I'll feel better. I'm trying to get [livejournal.com profile] squidgyfishlove to do it with me, or any kind of exercise. Fortunately, [livejournal.com profile] mansonitebat and B volunteered without any prompting to join me and shove pillows under their shirts so I don't feel so alone in my giganticness.

Hurray! Accomplishment. Now if I could only magically make the laundry disappear. *le sigh* I'll get there in the end, eh?
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NEW PICTURES... like I promised. Sorry it didn't happen yesterday. We were busy entertaining a gimpy [livejournal.com profile] kevbonium and blowing him to high heaven in a wondrous game of Worms.

Moving swiftly along, I had a prenatal appointment yesterday. Dumb Dumb Head ([livejournal.com profile] squidgyfishlove) didn't take the day off for it yesterday, so I took his mother instead. Traffic sucked and it seemed like we were there forever, but I guess it worked out alright in the end.
I had two ultrasounds and got to actually see the Wiggle Worm wiggle! It waved to us and did the wiggle dance. That was pretty cool. It is definitely filling up its available space now. No wonder I'm starting to fill up and stretch. (And, of course, it's all expansion from here out.)
Unfortunately, the young one was fairly uncooperative and refused to roll over onto its side and give us a nice profile shot. This was unfortunate for two reasons: 1) I was really hoping to get to see a nose yesterday- that would, to me, really make it look like a little person; 2) they were planning to do a test by measuring the neck but cannot do it unless the baby is in profile. This resulted in asking me to tip and then lay down again, and in the tech going push-push-push with her hand to try to and get the baby to turn. While she is doing this, I am watching the baby bounce around a little bit in the ultrasound. I found this mildly disconcerting, though the baby seemed just fine. I guess that shows just how well protected it is in there. I wonder if it can react to those things yet... and if so, it must be thinking, "what the hell are you doing, mum?!"
Yes, it knows how to curse already. If you look at the second picture, it obviously the spawn of the devil, just as you all predicted. I think it's going to make a fabulous little head-banger. Goth baby. Fwar. (And, we cannot, of course, overlook the Grunge and Metal influences provided by both parents.)

Other point of interest: The doctor has said to go with our original due date, which pleases me. Our official due date is 9 October, 2007. My mum got a little orange onesie with ghosts on it in honour of it being a Halloween Baby. One thing I have to say... at least the birthday parties will rock, and no one will bat an eye at me. (Though I'm very boring compared to past years... makes me want to run in and load up on eye liner.)

So here you go... the devil spawn:See the Creature )
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I feel like HELL this morning. And why? Because I stayed up late (came home about 3 A.M.)and didn't eat anything, like a big idiot, coupled with forgetting to take my prenatal vitamin until I was leaving the coffee joint (I had decaf) with an empty stomach which resulted in hours of nausea.

I spent the next couple of hours almost throwing up but never doing it... and when I woke up, it was the same story! Of course this when I stopped trying to go back to sleep because the bloody cats are so freaking insistent about everything. They are incredibly inconsiderate creatures. So I get up, dizzy and nauseous, to go downstairs to feed the fur balls and come back up. Then I have to let them out. Stephen is kind enough let them in the window. *sigh* Stephen is kind enough to fetch my thyroid medication (which I have to take before I eat anything) and some water for me. I take it... and then fairly promptly vomit a great deal more than I thought could possibly be in my stomach at that point. I should really take more thyroid pills to make up for the onces that went down the loo, but I think I'll wait a few minutes. Stephen very kindly made eggs for me, but the way I'm feeling, those may be coming back up in a minute, too. This sucks.

"Why would a pregnant women be staying up so late on a Sunday night?" you may be asking. Well, let me explain:
This past week was Midterms at Uni. Midnight PST last night was the cut off to get in everything- assignments, discussion board postings, quizzes, and, of course, the actual exams. Well, I've been behind a fair amount since this small thing in me decided to make it abundantly clear that my body is no longer my own, conveniently right after the semester started. However, as of last night, I not only got in everything I needed to do for my midterms, and did a bang up job of it, but I also caught up a bit on some other things as well. This, let me tell you, is an amazing sense of accomplishment. I hope this also demonstrates to my instructors that even though I haven't been fully participating in the discussions as much as I should have, I have been paying attention.

I got 100% on all of my quizzes. I got an A on my Photoshop Midterm and a B+ (which means I missed three questions) on my Digital Photography Midterm.
So anyhoot- I haven't felt like I've been on top of anything for almost two months. So in celebration of gettin' er' done, so to speak, I decided that going out to coffee with [livejournal.com profile] hatefulerin was a good idea. (By the way, it was her birthday on Saturday, so Happy Birthday to her!) I had a very good time with Erin. But by golly, I'm not the young sprite I used to be.

No wonder I always have dreams about being enslaved and/or put in internment camps. Or cake. I'm still disappointed at not getting a nice birthday cake. Perhaps I shall purchase one for photographic purposes and then eat it. :D (A little one. I can't handle much sugar.)

Well... I guess I'll just have to enjoy my extra two hours of not going to work because I'm unwell. At least the terror kitten is sitting nicely in my lap and purring away. She'd better be nice to me after waking us up the only times we could get to sleep last night. GRRR. Freakin' fur balls.

Edit/Update: I have spent the last hour, at least, holding very still in hopes that I will not have to vomit again. I do not feel better. I'm seriously considering jumping up and down or just standing up very quickly to empty my stomach again and hopefully just feel better. Can I do that? Can I just feel better now?!

I sure am going out my first trimester with a bang.

*#%@*$$$* CRUMPETS AND MARMITE! Can I just be round and happy now?

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