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I'm going nuts today. I'm so anxious, I feel like I want to just jump out of my skin. When the baby moves, it is fairly twitchy too... flutter around in my pelvis and poking nerves that make my legs feel even worse. Especially the left one. I keep getting up to stretch. I tried laying down and doing relaxing techniques. I've changed my clothes probably three times. I keep changing my music to try to get something that will work.

Nothing is working.

What is up with this? Why is there no fixing?

The plan is trying going for a walk at lunch time with [livejournal.com profile] squidgyfishlove. I hope that does the trick because I have too much work to get done today for this. Of course it requires sitting in the office. I'm considering making myself some sort of cushion contraption so that I can actually tailor sit as long as possible like I'm supposed to.


Grump. Hrumph.

Make is stoooooooop. *whinge whinge moan*
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I'm feeling cramping and not so great today. If I weren't at work, I believe that I would spending much of the day on the floor. I've been getting somewhat light headed, and was quite dizzy last night. I'm blaming Denny's food, but I'm hoping it's not a sign of anything worse than that. Also, it's raining today and there have been a lot of sharp shifts in preasure this week which has been definitely effecting my ears and drainage- so while we're at it, let's blame that too.

As long as this isn't Pre-eclampsia or something, I'm alright.

Either way, with all the back up in my neck, I think that a visit to the chiropractor or a massage would be a wonderful thing. Also, I'm really wanting to do yoga right now. That's what my body says it needs, but again, alas, I am at work- and I shutter to imagine the eyebrows I would get.

Catching up a little- I've had a rough week. I'm not sleeping very well. I've been ultra moody and really not had much of an appetite despite making myself eat. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of being tired. Worst of all though, I've not been as nice to Stephen as I could be, and I think I offended Mom yesterday. Sometimes I've been really short for no reason, other times I've just been angry with Stephen (and for some reason not wanting to let that go), other times I just cry. I cry over stupid things. I've definitely wanted to be left alone. And of course, my motivation to work has been somewhat down, which is never good.

So, welcome to 8 months pregnant. My apologies to everyone around me. Sometimes I really don't seem to be able to help it and I don't know what my problem is.
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Half an hour left of work. Then it's off to Babies R Us with Mom so I can purchase a crib bumper, about which Stephen does not care. Stephen is ok with bubble wrapping the baby and giving it a snorkel thereby making all safety items unnecessary and obsolete... until diaper changing and feeding come into play. Bet you didn't think of that one, didja!? So... instead of bubble-wrapping the baby, or making a crib bumper out of Duct Tape and ... what did you suggest Stephen? an old sheet or something... I'm going to pony up a whopping $30 (of his money) and buy one.

So what else is going on? I'm trying to make the list of invites for the Baby Shower to give to miss hostess, [livejournal.com profile] redcanoe. I don't know who to invite to this thing! I've been so bad at keeping in touch that I almost feel like I shouldn't invite people because they're likely to think we just want more presents, which is not at all the case. We don't have room for them. Ah well... I don't expect most people will want to come. I expect they'll see Baby Shower and head for the hills. Also, the plan seems to be Evites, but I'm not sure I like that. Oh well. It seems maybe too informal? I don't know. And I don't know how many people really check their email anymore (some a lot, obviously, but it's the locals that I never email with of which I have no clue). Oh well... I guess if people come they come and if they don't... well we'll have a lot of cake all to ourselves.

Other things to report: I am dead tired. I'm having a hard time sleeping at night (which is normal from here on, annoyingly) and then waking up too early. If I go back to sleep I end up having CRAZY dreams that keep me bed too long. And I need a nap now. Well... I suppose in somewhat of a good way, I have work at the college tomorrow, two days next week, and then five whole weeks off whether I like it or not (and the answer there is not). This is great for getting done house work and taking naps, but it also will mean I never leave the house. Oh well... more naps it is then. But not today.

And that pointless update is all you get for today.

Topics I need to remember to cover in the near future:

  • The Craziness of the last week.

  • Bradley Birthing Classes.

  • Shooting a wedding in July.

  • Stephen and bath toys.

  • Sewing and other projects with Mom

Other than that, folks, we have about nine weeks to go. That's all. Time... well, it's flying. So excited to meet the baby!

Last minute addition:
I've gotten to sit here at work today, with my feet sort of propped up, and see my belly change shape while the baby rolls around. That is pretty interesting, and I find it quite enjoyable. It's getting bigger, that's for sure. The literature suggests it could be 3.5 - 4 lbs. this week. And it's likely double again before it's born. Crazy, eh?

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