Oct. 11th, 2007

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I'm supposed to be sleeping right now.

However, I had to finish some laundry... had to. It's compulsive. But I feel better knowing it's done.

About 10:30pm ( a little behind schedule), I made three eggs scrambled with 2 oz of Castor Oil... and some salsa, Brother Bru Bru's and rice cheese. That was like eating greasy Styrofoam. I hope to NEVER eat eggs again. However, I managed to choke down all but the last couple of bites (small ones). I have so far succeeded in fighting the urge to vomit every last disgusting drop of that stuff back out of my body. So far. Regardless, since it's been in, I have had some more contractions, a little bit stronger ones. This could be partially (and I'm sure should be) blamed on carrying around laundry and bending a bunch. But hopefully that disgusting stuff will do its job and get some good labor going.

I've been having irregular contractions on and off all day, and especially this evening. They're not too bad. For some reason I find myself just needing to breathe more even though I wouldn't really say I'm in pain, so much. This is confusing to Stephen, but he'll live. Right now I feel numb to pain. Let's hope that continues for a long, long time.

Ah well... so nothing super stellar to report before I head off to bed tonight. I think we're slowly getting a little bit further along, but I couldn't say where we are in the process. We haven't bothered timing contractions at all yet, and I'm not really planning to do so until they really start to hurt, or are strong enough to stop me in my tracks.

I have orders to finish the last 2 oz of Castor Oil at 0400... not too long from now, really. That dosage is scheduled to find its way into a non-dairy chocolate milkshake. Hopefully I'll be able to gulp down the retched stuff and not feel it so much. *shudder* It's all so very disgusting. I really hope I don't vomit. I don't want to have to do that more than one more time.

Alright, sleep. We're hoping to have a long, hard day tomorrow. (Short and tolerable is also an acceptable reality, but not one we're expecting.)

P.S. A note on contractions: I have been having some down lower over the last couple days that I did not immediately recognize. The stronger, upper ones seem to be back. They feel a bit like having the wind knocked out of you, but oddly further away from where that sensation should be. I suppose that's an indicator that my gut really is that big. Bye, Bye belly! We'll not be together for long!
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What a horrendous night!!!

So, that nasty egg concoction was not well digested by my body. The Castor Oil was not well received. Starting around 1am I was getting contractions, and by 1:30 they were coming hard and strong and three minutes apart and lasting about 1m 20 secs, on top of constant tightness. That was crazy no fun. Stephen was a champ and very helpful through that section, especially the part where I expelled the Castor Oil Eggs and goodness knows what else into one of the handy foot soak tubs I purchased for doing pedicures with [livejournal.com profile] to_rei_shi. That was a $1.56 well spent!

Given this, we called Darlene. I was pretty out of it. I was clinging to the counter at this point, managing to talk, but not that well. Seriously not fun. So... we decided to hold off the on the second does a little while long- I think it ended up being after 4am before I managed to really make it back to bed and stay there for longer than about 10 minutes at a time. 10 minutes in bed, 45 in the bathroom. GAH.

But... I had some show at 3:27, according to my log, and then more just before 4am. This means to me that those horrible contractions were doing something.

The good news is that after about 4:30 or 5 the priority switched to sleep- which we both desperately needed. At 9:45ish, I was getting up to use the loo again and felt rush of fluid, so I froze thinking maybe I'd soiled myself, but moved again and more fluid which I couldn't stop with Kegels. Then at 10:08 more fluid... and since then about 1 TBSP just about every time I move- so it looks like my water really has broken.

Stephen has been sent out to bank and to collect my thyroid Rx refill... so while he's gone, I'm trying to get contractions going on their own (which will work better when I actually get up and start moving more- right now I'm just wiggling in my chair). If they do, we go with it. If they don't then I do the second round of terrible Castor Oil via the chocolate milkshake. I think I'll do the milkshake anyway- something cold and creamy (soy creamy) sounds really good on my shredded intestinal tract. I'm thinking yoghurt is going to be high on the list of edibles as well...

However, we made a run to the Co-op last and got a lot of really good food. I have fresh radishes, yams, the BEST apples ever- almost as good as the huge one I got in Germany near Blenheim- two big jugs of organic apple juice, pear juice, the shampoo and conditioner I love, and generally healthy, yummy goodness. I shall masticate it and love it all (in little bits at a time of course, I really don't eat that much)... and hopefully it will all stay put.

So anyway... we're still not in consistent active labor but I think we're on our way to getting there. Baby is still moving around... can't believe we're going to meet our little peanut soon! I washed everything last night... so lots of clean, soft clothes and blankets await baby!

The Grandma's have been alerted and will be arriving later this afternoon.

I wonder how long this is going to take... will we have an 11th or 12th baby? Probably 12th.

K Stephen, hurry up! I'm finally hungry again.
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Bye bye Home Birth

So, I went to the birthing center so that Darlene could check that my water has actually broken, and it has. Unfortunately my blood pressure was 152 over 92 which puts and end to home birth.

We are being sent to Anacortes to have the baby. I am officially high risk now. The worry is that my blood pressure will keep climbing (Darlene says that's almost a given) and that it will/could lead to seizure. So, I will have to wear a monitor. I will most likely have to have an IV. I will likely be given Pitocin to hurry along labor as they will want the baby out.

Our new goal is no C-Section. I've been bawling and very upset, but trying to calm down and realize that it's better for the baby and better for salvaging our birth experience. The baby is moving and ok, but seems to have rolled over again all of the sudden.

On top of all of this, one of Darlene's other moms is in need of her care all of the sudden so she cannot attend our birth. We will be attended by Dr. Larson. Also, Darlene has arranged a Doula for us whose name is ... well I can't remember now, but she'll be there around 4.

So I need to finish doing what I'm doing to get ready and read out of here before someone takes my bed. They've kicked out a postpartum mother so I could have it. Losing that bed would really top off the day.

So we'll try to keep updating from the hospital, but I really don't know how that will go, or how easy it will be.

Fingers crossed.

We're going to have our baby. I'm really sorry baby, I feel like I've failed you already.

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