May. 16th, 2008

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Subject: 01:13 PM 05-16-08

I am going to critique Raineâ??s portfolio. I have always notice really great work from Raine, and I was very impressed with her portfolio. Being a graphic designer, I donâ??t have the eye for photography myself, but I do know when I see great work. All of Raineâ??s images are strong and very powerful, and evoke a lot of emotion from her portraits. She has a very strong visual sense, and does a great job of composing her subjects. Her black and whites are equally impressive as her color images, and her lighting is just fantastic. My favorite images from Raine would most definitely be her portraits, and I believe that is where she shines. Her weakest areas where I donâ??t get a lot from would probably be abstract shots. Overall, Raine is well rounded and has produced awesome work in this class so far. Great job!

A review of a not so great final portfolio submitted for my Visualization class.

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